Saying Good Riddance To 20/20

Updated: Feb 13

I'm so glad to be saying good riddance to 20/20 but not before I take time to reflect on all the things that transpired durning this roller coster of a year. Like many of you im sure, I've had more time then I'd like to think and process the things that have happen in my life and its been a powerful thing. I look around me and theres nothing that looks familar to me which is a good thing. A GREAT THING. Even though I'm greatful for where my journey has landed me thus far I can't say that it was easy and this journey is just begining. This year I will take things day by day. I'll take time to appreciate the small things in life in which I've learned are the things that really matter to me. This year I want to be sure to hug the ones I love and cherish. If we've learned nothing this year we've learned that life is short and tomorrow is promised to no one. Though this year has been elusive I've found strength and inspiration in building and solidifying the relationships in my life. Also letting go of the one's that cause me grief. Loss in life is never a good feeling but the growth that comes from it is worth the pain. Im looking forward to taking all of the lessons, the losses, the gains, the pains, and applying them to this new life that I am building for myself. Brick by brick and day by day. All while keeping it open and honest with myself. 2021 Is going to be an exciting year for my lifestyle brand MayFlowers. I hope you will join me on my journey of learning and growth this year and years to come. I also look forward to following your journey. Writting to you with light and love.


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